Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stephen King and Michael Crichton books, books, and books!

So, I've sort of made a goal for myself this year that I would read 25 books. Now, I've read On Writing by Stephen King recently, which was purchased on Amazon from SmokeyMtnBooks. (Buy from them if you want super fast shipping.) And Stephen King reads around 70 books a year he says. I'm not sure if I'm there yet. However, On Writing is a great book if you love Stephen King's work and if you wish to be a writer one day. Even if you don't want to be a writer you should buy On Writing because it has a lot of his biography in the book. He's a neat guy.

Another book I purchased on Amazon recently is Jurassic Park (go ahead, allow the masses to sigh and call me a dweeb) but it is an absolute wonderful book. It's like the movie, but much of it is very different and it's an exciting read. I purchased it from Breaktimebooks on Amazon. Their shipping was very fast and the book was in just the condition they said it would be in: Good.
Jurassic Park is written by Michael Crichton who was a scientist. His writing is filled with tech knowledge, but it's interesting and good. It never get's boring. He mastered the art of teaching his audience while entertaining them.

And I also recently purchased another Stephen King book, Bag of Bones. I've not started reading it yet, but Stephen King speaks of this book in On Writing and says that the house in the book is much like his own Summer Home in Bangor, Maine. I picked Bag of Bones up on Amazon from Seashellbooks, inc. The shipping was fast and the book was in just the condition they said it would be in which was: fair. I like the weathered look though on my book shelf. Speaking of book shelves we purchased Invisible Book Shelves a few weeks ago on Amazon. It is an Umbra 330632 shelf and you simply screw it into your wall and then place your books on the "L" shape and WALLA! You have floating books! We picked those up from Jumby Bay Studios on Amazon.
Here are the books being held up by the Umbra 330632 Invisible Shelves!

There you have it folks! Book reviews and some really neat shelves!

Check out all the sellers I've mentioned. I wouldn't mention them unless they were good.

Hey, if you like Jewlery be sure to check out our store on Etsy. We also have an array of antique items as well.

Have a great day!

{The Husband}

Friday, March 13, 2009

Surprise Renovation! eek

We woke up yesterday morning and noticed that mold was growing under our bathroom sink (yeah, we didn't notice earlier) so we called the plumber, Jarron Jones, proprietor of TriJ Plumbing in Cape Coral, FL. In less than 30 minutes he had cut a large hole in our wall, torn out the sink and the vanity (which fell apart from rot pretty much) and in just over an hour he had fixed the problem...the valve in our guest bathroom shower had broken and was leaking into the wall! Now, we have to replace the sink (since the whole thing pretty much fell apart) and re-drywall the wall but not before treating the inside of the wall for mold (Bleach and water spray will work fine).

How is that for a surprise attack on the bank account?! So far, this renovation is up to $749.00! And we have not purchased dry wall, tape or paint yet. What is the good thing though? Well, we have a couple of good things, one being that we were able to replace our standard, boring white sink for a new, trendy-looking one. We went to Ebay this morning and purchased from seller Decorselections whose store can be located at www.stores.ebay.com/Concept-Baths-and-Interiors
Here is the sink that we purchased from them!
Their price was just right...it's a great deal and many of the items in their store are priced just right. You will not be disappointed with your purchase. You'll most likely not get a better deal anywhere.

I mentioned that I had a couple of good things to talk about this.

The second is that we were able to afford this surprise renovation because we used Dave Ramsey's get out of debt program called Financial Peace Univeristy. Go to www.daveramsey.com to learn in detail about Dave and his program. It's not a cheesy, boring get out of debt by having no life type of a deal. It's fun and entertaining...and DO-ABLE! We had over $10,000 in credit card debt, over $15,000 in car loans and next to $0 in savings.

By using his program we were inspired to get rid of one car, paying off the other and getting rid of all our credit card debt in a year! (We don't make much money either) Also, in June we bought our first house, $44,900 a foreclosure. Our mortgage is $350.00 per month...think about it...we were paying $750 in rent a year ago.
Also, Dave Ramsey teaches about having an emergency fund which is 3-6 months expenses in the bank. Not to be touched for anything except emergencies. Well, we had 3 months expenses saved and the $1000 or so dollars this whole project is going to cost us in the end...it'll be paid for using cash...finally, we had a plan for our emergencies and Visa, Mastercard or American Express did not have a better option!

So, you have two things to do. Check out the Ebay store owned by Decorselections and go to www.daveramsey.com

God bless you and happy shopping (and happy getting out of debt)

{The Husband}

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Morning

It's a beautiful morning. Sariye, the youngest was awake again at the very hint of first light. We woke up and came into the kitchen where I tuned into Misty Edwards radio on Pandora. I made some coffee in the French Press and Sariye ate a plumb and a Kashi breakfast bar. Though we live in the hottest place on earth (I'm convinced.) It was cool out this morning and we were able to watch the sun rise over the house tops while I dreamed of watching that in South Africa, Italy or somewhere else other than Florida.

Of course, I browsed Etsy for the latest finds and discovered a nice shope from cocoondesigns who makes cute little creatures from scratch...yes...hand made! My favorite is Owly. Make sure when you are looking for cute stuffed creatures for your kids or friends check out cocoondesigns at www.cocoondesigns.etsy.com

Another Etsy seller who is taking the market by storm is TinaTarnoff's shop which features great PaperCut Art found at www.tinatarnoff.etsy.com and my favorite is For the Love of Crows. The artist hand cuts each piece and mounts it on Indian Cotton Rag paper. It's stunning work and will show well in any home or studio.

On The Little Quirky Shoppe side of things we are toying with some promotional ideas like giveaways, sales, etc... Stay tuned for more information and check into the store often as we are updating and adding new hand made stuff pretty much daily.

Have a great day!

{The Husband}

Monday, March 9, 2009

Nickelcreek Radio

I love Nickelcreek radio on Pandora. It takes you away to a different place when listening. Maybe a Tuscan hillside (my dream), or a beautiful secluded garden with a pond and waterfall. It's so relaxing.

I sold one of my favorite items in my store today, the antique flower lamp. I love that lamp, but I'm happy to make a big sale.

I also have a new line of rings. Recycled glass! Check them out at Thelittlequirkyshoppe.com

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Little Quirky Shoppe

Just a very quick update to let people know that we are on the ETSY VINTAGE front page.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The new job...

Carrabba's is going smoothly. Honestly, the training is grueling; five days of classrooms and memorization of the entire menu. The menu test was eight pages full of blank lines...yes, you had to read the menu item and then describe it to a "T." However, I passed with a "very well" from the trainers who were brought in from out of town. This is serious stuff.

My first three days on the floor by myself brought in enough to meet our weekly budget! I stressed a bit last night, but one of my wonderful coworkers said, "It's only food. It's only food." I calmed down a bit. I worked a twelve hour shift on Valentines day and the day after I worked an eleven hour shift. The next time your server looks or acts a little stressed out or "out of it" think of how long they may have been there. One of the cooks had only been AWAY from the restaurant 5 hours in 3 days! No joke.

Our Etsy business is going well. Sales are slow, but so is the economy. We're trying to keep our thinking caps on and are wondering what we should do in order to not only boost sales for our store, but help other people get more for their money. We'll keep you up to date on those types of things.

Now to our favorite part of this blog: FEATURING

My wife just purchased some beautiful hand made posies made from old post cards and I wanted to get on here and talk about them. I can't wait to see them decorate our house! Seller AUTUMNTOMAY located at www.autumntomay.etsy.com is a wonderful artist and must be featured on this small, yet growing blog of mine. Her stuff is absolutely beautiful and screams creativity. Great job Autumntomay and I can't wait to see the posies!

Alright, I promise it won't be so long as I am trying to blog every other day at the very least.


{The Husband}

Friday, February 6, 2009

So, I took the plunge

So, my wife and I are people who pray and we asked God, "God, would you provide a way for me to be home with Sharayah and the girls?" I went into work on Monday and my boss sat us down and said to us, "I'm not sure when, but there is a good chance we could be closing down...you better start lining up possible options for other employment and see what's out there." As so many of you know, there is not much employment happening out there. I stayed home from work one day due to back pain and neck pain which was causing a headache (and had been for days...blasted mattress...it has to be the blasted mattress) and by mid-day after the pain was gone I made my way to Carrabbas. The next day they hired me! I start training tomorrow. The menu test is going to be tough...but I think I can master it.

So, I wonder if my wife and I can be featured on Etsy.com in the "Quit Your Day Job" interviews they have with people who actually leave their "steady" jobs to sell full-time on Etsy. I don't know. Anyone out there with connections, hook us up!

So, our prayer was answered. I get to be home with the family every day...I get to spend 8 hours with my girls instead of working out of the home 8 or 9 hours and spending 3 hours with them. I get to help home-school, help with The Little Quirky Shoppe, heck, I even get to work at my "day job" 10 hours a week for some extra money.

So, wish us luck and many tips...we are embarking on a new journey.

On the Etsy side of things don't forget to visit Nikkimichele at www.nikkimichele.etsy.comand check out the soccer mom's who rock. Also, you cannot forget to check out midnightjo1327.etsy.com

Alright, time to sign off and drink some wine!

{The Husband}

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

From yahoo Finance

These days, it seems there’s no sense buying something unless you can get at a steep discount. That goes for big-ticket items like houses and cars, down to such smaller purchases as vacation packages, electronics and clothes.
More from WSJ.com:Mobile Banking Finds New UsersTravel, Debt and SATs The Urge to Splurge: Don't Worry, It'll Pass
According to research group comScore Inc., 27 million Americans visited coupon sites in October, up 33% from a year earlier. And from last January to September, the number of coupon-related Web searches doubled. So it’s clear more of us are hunting for deals.
Scores of Web sites aggregate coupons and promotional codes that help people shop online without ever having to pay full price. Some, like Coupons.com, are geared toward grocery and drug store staples. (Today, that site is featuring $1 off Velveeta cheese and $2 off Perdue Frozen Fully Cooked Chicken on its home page.)
But others, like CouponCabin.com and RetailMeNot.com, offer a wider array of discounts for popular retailers, usable in-store and online. CouponCabin claims to have more than 100,000 discounts from more than 20,000 merchants.
More from Yahoo! Finance: • As Prices Rise, Some See $2 Gas Celebrity Charity AuctionsMore Travelers Redeeming Miles for Merchandise
Visit the Family & Home Center
While some sites require subscriptions to get at the good stuff, most offer coupons for free. The sites make money by selling ad space or offering “featured discount” status to stores for a set fee.
Here’s how it works: I happen to be in the market for a new comforter, as mine was mauled by a pair of scissors (an arts and crafts project gone bad). At CouponCabin.com, I found a discount code for $15 off any order over $75 at Macy’s, which is having its own sale. I click the coupon link, which takes me to Macy’s site, find the item I want, enter the code upon checkout, and, voila — a new comforter for Melissa. CouponCabin.com even shows a screen shot of where to enter the promotional code on a store’s Web site.
Most coupon sites allow you to sort discounts by retailer, so if my comforter didn’t qualify for the minimum dollar amount of one Macy’s coupon, I could always check to see if it made the cut for another.
Coupon sites vary in breadth of offerings, but also in practicality. Users should scour these sites after picking out a specific item on a store’s Web site or when they want a certain item (say, a just-released DVD) but don’t care where they buy it. But if you’re tempted to buy things just because they’re on sale, steer clear, as these sites can turn your computers into a money pit.
RetailMeNot.com, for example, has shopping tips for certain stores, as well as a separate forum for shoppers to trade details on one-day sales and new markdowns. Sensible for people who have been eyeing those fabulous but otherwise too-expensive jeans. Not so much for people who just like to browse.
One nifty thing RetailMeNot.com does have is a downloadable browser application that alerts you to promotions and coupons when you are on a retailer’s Web site. If you don’t mind the extra software, it may be a good way to ensure savings even if you forget to consult a coupon site pre-checkout. RetailMeNot.com also provides success rates for coupon codes so you know whether that hot 30% off code at J.Crew is likely to work when it comes time to check out.
Of course, coupon sites aren’t always all they’re cracked up to be in terms of actual bargains. Some ask contributors to send in those alphanumeric codes they get after making purchases, the ones that promise a percentage off the person’s next purchase above and beyond other promotions. But they also include nothing-special “savings.” Right now, AnyCoupons.com (along with a half-dozen other sites) lists free shipping on purchases totaling $150 or more at Banana Republic. But the store’s own Web site advertises that one, and has done so for at least a few weeks. Because so many stores are discounting deeply and offering incentives, make sure to check out the sidebars on retailers’ own sites for discount codes.
Readers, what are your favorite coupon Web sites? Why? Do you find them helpful for online or in-store shopping, or both?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Monday

I woke up this morning with the sad realization that I had to wake up, get dressed and drive to work, leaving my family at home. I miss so much in their lives being at this office.
I thought about the novel I am writing and how I need to be outlining. No matter how creative I keep telling myself that I am...I need to outline otherwise I get stuck. If I at least had a direction I wouldn't get stuck and I can change the plan anytime I need/want to. Writing is so much more than sitting down and typing up a story...
I started reading Obsessed by Ted Dekker over the weekend. It's good and I am excited to follow the story. I'm on chapter 3 now. I am almost finished reading, The Shack by Wm. Paul Young. The Shack is such a great story and has really re-shaped my view of God and the Trinity. I have been a Christian for so long, but always despised the religiousity of so many...I'm blessed to go to a particular church who doesn't get too involved with the religious, but The Shack really does make one stop and ponder while at the same time, it reads like scripture and makes you fall in love with the Creator all over again, each time you turn the page. I recommend it.

Our hopes are up with the Etsy store today. We picked up a bunch of vinatage items over the weekend and Sharayah was creating great jewlery/hair art most of the weekend. If you care, check out www.littlequirkyshoppe.com for gifts or self-gifts.

I do want to mention a store on here, WanderlustBling on Etsy. www.Wanderlustbling.etsy.com
This lady and her husband travel in an RV year round and she creates while he drives I imagine. It's all very interesting stuff and beautiful creations. I believe she is having a sale for V-day, but don't quote me on that. No matter, go and check out her store. Also, I have to mention nikkimichele on Etsy at www.nikkimichele.etsy.com who are just some wonderful ladies who are creating out of Stamford. Check out their store for some great items as well. Honestly, these ladies rock the playground I imagine. {More coming on Nikkimichele in the next few days.}

While perusing through Pounce this morning I must say that I found a few new Etsyans who are sure to do well. One, Barbosaart at www.barbosaart.etsy.com paints some beautiful pieces. I can imagine several of them haning on my own wall. The work looks just splendid and should be considered anytime you need an art change in your home or office.
Another great new seller working with clay is Laceypots at www.laceypots.etsy.com and is doing some great things with clay. I see some buttons that she created, but my favorite is an Orange mug with a large handle and purple interior, it just beggs me to come and drink my morning coffee in it - a perfect wake me up. Check her out, honestly, she'll be some competition.

Other than that folks, I think I'm going to get to my real j - o -b here and hopefully make some money today. Have a great day! Be blessed.

{The Husband}

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Great sellers of handmade and vintage items

I found this v-neck shirt to that I just love. I want to promote the designs of http://www.moresassvintage.etsy.com/

The designs are unique, stylish and I imagine make the buyer just feel good about themselves when they put the shirts on {or when they decorate their homes with what they bought from moresassvintage. Keep up the good work. If you need a good t-v-neck shirt or other creative items look up moresassvintage at etsy.com

I want to go ahead a feature another seller today who creates stationary. http://www.littletstudio.etsy.com/

I can imagine writing on this paper. I could sent that little note that I've been meaning to for so long, but lacked the creative spark to do so. I think this would be just the stationary to do so on. If you are shopping for good, quality stationary look up on etsy.com littletstudio.
Those are just two of the sellers I found at www.Etsy.com this morning. There are many others who are just fantastic. Make sure part of your day is spent at etsy.com
{The Husband}

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Old, old Wendsday

So, I sit and wonder what life could be like if I were at home, working ETSY full time with my family. {this is the husband of Sharayah, who owns The Little Quirky Shoppe by the way.}

I sit while I eat an organic burrito by Amy's and lament not being home with the girls and the cat {My wife and our two little daughters. and our cat is named Officer Dan by the way.}

Sharayah is posting some pretty cool stuff, if anyone reads this check out the store, www.littlequirkyshoppe.com .

She went to an antique store yesterday for some materials/vintage stuff and we posted a lot last night. Still trying to figure out when the best time to post new listings though. I might have an idea, still thinking it through. Pretty much it's the mindset of morning for those cube dwellers like myself who spend the first part of the morning either wishing they were home working on their art or wanting to buy {I suspect it's a bit of both.} Then the lunch crowd doing the same and again in the late afternoon when the cube dwells spend their last 30 minutes {for some that last 30 minutes seems to take about an hour and a half.} shopping on Etsy or wishing their commute from work was across the living room and down the hall to the right. :)
Then maybe post again around 6-8 PM for our wonderful friends in Australia and Asia.
Any thoughts to this? Am I just goofy and living in a dream land?

We are going to PA in May. I honestly can't wait. We love it there. We aren't too keen on living in Florida forever. Don't get me wrong, it's nice, but not our gig.

I'm also considering making a job change. Maybe working in a restaurant like Outback or Carabbas 5 nights a week. (Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri and Sat.) 4PM-?? I could probably make more in tips and I'd have all day with my family and of course, making a really good effort making ETSY a main source of income. Thougths on this?

Alright, I think the burrito is cooled off now so it shouldn't burn the daylights out of my mouth {I hate that} and I'll get to marketing the shoppe a bit more. Maybe I'll go for a walk too for a few minutes.

{the husband}

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Seller - Great Stuff

I wanted to take a minute to get on here and make mention of a new seller on Etsy whom I think is absolutely wonderful. The designs are splendid and unique. For those who happen upon this blog, check out jamiespinello.etsy.com

I also want to highlight another seller WanderlustBling.etsy.com who travels in her RV around the country and makes jewlery, is inspired by their nomadic lifestyle. Absolutely adorable and inspiring story.

Have a wonderful, quirky day!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Our First week of Business

We are very positive about our first week of business! We are getting a lot of views on our wonderful little handmade art pieces and we are beginning to build some relationships with the fantastic sellers at Etsy.

Our next steps are to join a team and just today, we signed the Handmade Pledge. (I actually told my husband today that when he buys me presents, to please buy from the fantastic people selling on Etsy...it's time to support small business like never before and support those committed to HANDMADE!) He agreed.

We are making and adding more and more to our store daily so stop by and check us out!

My husband is trying to learn how to sew so he can make pillows and lamp shades. (He is very inspired by Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, etc...)

We hope all of you are having a wonderful day!

-The Little Quirky Shoppe

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Little Quirky Newsletter


The shoppe was created out of a lot of inspiration from natures elements and Anthropologie style!

We are adding new items everyday!