Friday, February 6, 2009

So, I took the plunge

So, my wife and I are people who pray and we asked God, "God, would you provide a way for me to be home with Sharayah and the girls?" I went into work on Monday and my boss sat us down and said to us, "I'm not sure when, but there is a good chance we could be closing better start lining up possible options for other employment and see what's out there." As so many of you know, there is not much employment happening out there. I stayed home from work one day due to back pain and neck pain which was causing a headache (and had been for days...blasted has to be the blasted mattress) and by mid-day after the pain was gone I made my way to Carrabbas. The next day they hired me! I start training tomorrow. The menu test is going to be tough...but I think I can master it.

So, I wonder if my wife and I can be featured on in the "Quit Your Day Job" interviews they have with people who actually leave their "steady" jobs to sell full-time on Etsy. I don't know. Anyone out there with connections, hook us up!

So, our prayer was answered. I get to be home with the family every day...I get to spend 8 hours with my girls instead of working out of the home 8 or 9 hours and spending 3 hours with them. I get to help home-school, help with The Little Quirky Shoppe, heck, I even get to work at my "day job" 10 hours a week for some extra money.

So, wish us luck and many tips...we are embarking on a new journey.

On the Etsy side of things don't forget to visit Nikkimichele at www.nikkimichele.etsy.comand check out the soccer mom's who rock. Also, you cannot forget to check out

Alright, time to sign off and drink some wine!

{The Husband}


  1. Hey congratulations! Why don't you contact Etsy and ask them for info on quit your day job article? Anything we can do to help let us will find what you need the Lord always provides. Good luck! Nikki

  2. Thanks for the mention! Colorado Springs is nice I have family that lives there.