Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stephen King and Michael Crichton books, books, and books!

So, I've sort of made a goal for myself this year that I would read 25 books. Now, I've read On Writing by Stephen King recently, which was purchased on Amazon from SmokeyMtnBooks. (Buy from them if you want super fast shipping.) And Stephen King reads around 70 books a year he says. I'm not sure if I'm there yet. However, On Writing is a great book if you love Stephen King's work and if you wish to be a writer one day. Even if you don't want to be a writer you should buy On Writing because it has a lot of his biography in the book. He's a neat guy.

Another book I purchased on Amazon recently is Jurassic Park (go ahead, allow the masses to sigh and call me a dweeb) but it is an absolute wonderful book. It's like the movie, but much of it is very different and it's an exciting read. I purchased it from Breaktimebooks on Amazon. Their shipping was very fast and the book was in just the condition they said it would be in: Good.
Jurassic Park is written by Michael Crichton who was a scientist. His writing is filled with tech knowledge, but it's interesting and good. It never get's boring. He mastered the art of teaching his audience while entertaining them.

And I also recently purchased another Stephen King book, Bag of Bones. I've not started reading it yet, but Stephen King speaks of this book in On Writing and says that the house in the book is much like his own Summer Home in Bangor, Maine. I picked Bag of Bones up on Amazon from Seashellbooks, inc. The shipping was fast and the book was in just the condition they said it would be in which was: fair. I like the weathered look though on my book shelf. Speaking of book shelves we purchased Invisible Book Shelves a few weeks ago on Amazon. It is an Umbra 330632 shelf and you simply screw it into your wall and then place your books on the "L" shape and WALLA! You have floating books! We picked those up from Jumby Bay Studios on Amazon.
Here are the books being held up by the Umbra 330632 Invisible Shelves!

There you have it folks! Book reviews and some really neat shelves!

Check out all the sellers I've mentioned. I wouldn't mention them unless they were good.

Hey, if you like Jewlery be sure to check out our store on Etsy. We also have an array of antique items as well.

Have a great day!

{The Husband}

Friday, March 13, 2009

Surprise Renovation! eek

We woke up yesterday morning and noticed that mold was growing under our bathroom sink (yeah, we didn't notice earlier) so we called the plumber, Jarron Jones, proprietor of TriJ Plumbing in Cape Coral, FL. In less than 30 minutes he had cut a large hole in our wall, torn out the sink and the vanity (which fell apart from rot pretty much) and in just over an hour he had fixed the problem...the valve in our guest bathroom shower had broken and was leaking into the wall! Now, we have to replace the sink (since the whole thing pretty much fell apart) and re-drywall the wall but not before treating the inside of the wall for mold (Bleach and water spray will work fine).

How is that for a surprise attack on the bank account?! So far, this renovation is up to $749.00! And we have not purchased dry wall, tape or paint yet. What is the good thing though? Well, we have a couple of good things, one being that we were able to replace our standard, boring white sink for a new, trendy-looking one. We went to Ebay this morning and purchased from seller Decorselections whose store can be located at www.stores.ebay.com/Concept-Baths-and-Interiors
Here is the sink that we purchased from them!
Their price was just right...it's a great deal and many of the items in their store are priced just right. You will not be disappointed with your purchase. You'll most likely not get a better deal anywhere.

I mentioned that I had a couple of good things to talk about this.

The second is that we were able to afford this surprise renovation because we used Dave Ramsey's get out of debt program called Financial Peace Univeristy. Go to www.daveramsey.com to learn in detail about Dave and his program. It's not a cheesy, boring get out of debt by having no life type of a deal. It's fun and entertaining...and DO-ABLE! We had over $10,000 in credit card debt, over $15,000 in car loans and next to $0 in savings.

By using his program we were inspired to get rid of one car, paying off the other and getting rid of all our credit card debt in a year! (We don't make much money either) Also, in June we bought our first house, $44,900 a foreclosure. Our mortgage is $350.00 per month...think about it...we were paying $750 in rent a year ago.
Also, Dave Ramsey teaches about having an emergency fund which is 3-6 months expenses in the bank. Not to be touched for anything except emergencies. Well, we had 3 months expenses saved and the $1000 or so dollars this whole project is going to cost us in the end...it'll be paid for using cash...finally, we had a plan for our emergencies and Visa, Mastercard or American Express did not have a better option!

So, you have two things to do. Check out the Ebay store owned by Decorselections and go to www.daveramsey.com

God bless you and happy shopping (and happy getting out of debt)

{The Husband}

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Morning

It's a beautiful morning. Sariye, the youngest was awake again at the very hint of first light. We woke up and came into the kitchen where I tuned into Misty Edwards radio on Pandora. I made some coffee in the French Press and Sariye ate a plumb and a Kashi breakfast bar. Though we live in the hottest place on earth (I'm convinced.) It was cool out this morning and we were able to watch the sun rise over the house tops while I dreamed of watching that in South Africa, Italy or somewhere else other than Florida.

Of course, I browsed Etsy for the latest finds and discovered a nice shope from cocoondesigns who makes cute little creatures from scratch...yes...hand made! My favorite is Owly. Make sure when you are looking for cute stuffed creatures for your kids or friends check out cocoondesigns at www.cocoondesigns.etsy.com

Another Etsy seller who is taking the market by storm is TinaTarnoff's shop which features great PaperCut Art found at www.tinatarnoff.etsy.com and my favorite is For the Love of Crows. The artist hand cuts each piece and mounts it on Indian Cotton Rag paper. It's stunning work and will show well in any home or studio.

On The Little Quirky Shoppe side of things we are toying with some promotional ideas like giveaways, sales, etc... Stay tuned for more information and check into the store often as we are updating and adding new hand made stuff pretty much daily.

Have a great day!

{The Husband}

Monday, March 9, 2009

Nickelcreek Radio

I love Nickelcreek radio on Pandora. It takes you away to a different place when listening. Maybe a Tuscan hillside (my dream), or a beautiful secluded garden with a pond and waterfall. It's so relaxing.

I sold one of my favorite items in my store today, the antique flower lamp. I love that lamp, but I'm happy to make a big sale.

I also have a new line of rings. Recycled glass! Check them out at Thelittlequirkyshoppe.com