Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The new job...

Carrabba's is going smoothly. Honestly, the training is grueling; five days of classrooms and memorization of the entire menu. The menu test was eight pages full of blank lines...yes, you had to read the menu item and then describe it to a "T." However, I passed with a "very well" from the trainers who were brought in from out of town. This is serious stuff.

My first three days on the floor by myself brought in enough to meet our weekly budget! I stressed a bit last night, but one of my wonderful coworkers said, "It's only food. It's only food." I calmed down a bit. I worked a twelve hour shift on Valentines day and the day after I worked an eleven hour shift. The next time your server looks or acts a little stressed out or "out of it" think of how long they may have been there. One of the cooks had only been AWAY from the restaurant 5 hours in 3 days! No joke.

Our Etsy business is going well. Sales are slow, but so is the economy. We're trying to keep our thinking caps on and are wondering what we should do in order to not only boost sales for our store, but help other people get more for their money. We'll keep you up to date on those types of things.

Now to our favorite part of this blog: FEATURING

My wife just purchased some beautiful hand made posies made from old post cards and I wanted to get on here and talk about them. I can't wait to see them decorate our house! Seller AUTUMNTOMAY located at www.autumntomay.etsy.com is a wonderful artist and must be featured on this small, yet growing blog of mine. Her stuff is absolutely beautiful and screams creativity. Great job Autumntomay and I can't wait to see the posies!

Alright, I promise it won't be so long as I am trying to blog every other day at the very least.


{The Husband}

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